Saturday, January 21, 2012

The final countdown.

I meant to post last night, but after returning from a lovely dinner with some family, I had another baby calf to take care of. I think I will nickname this one Goliath, because I just about threw out my back trying to pick him up. By my estimate, he weighed over 150 pounds and was the size of a Toyota Corolla. This monumental bundle of joy was fun to take care of, even though it was raining and cold. I didn't mind the sheeting rain so much, mostly because we've had a bit of a dry spell and any level of rain is indeed welcome.

Back to dinner with the family... I never thought I would ever visit the Natural Cafe in San Luis Obispo, and as a matter of fact, I've often scoffed at the idea. Last night, however, we decided this was the one place where we could all get something to eat. Everyone else ordered things that looked quite tasty: pesto pizza, fish, quesadillas... I ordered grilled vegetables with sauteed tofu and brown rice and a side of Moroccan Vegetable soup. While I would much rather have ordered something different, the vegetables were grilled to perfection and tasted great. The soup was the best part. I'm not sure I even took a breath while trying to shovel the entire cup into my mouth. Had I not been taught proper table etiquette as a child, I would have licked the entire bowl clean. My aunt was especially proud of my food choices, noting that as a kid I had the blandest taste buds on the face of the planet. Even cheese pizza was often too much for me. Luckily, my willingness to try new things has evolved, otherwise I would likely have perished this week.

I would by lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to a piece of meat and glass of milk. I have considered ordering a pizza at 12:01 Sunday morning, but we'll just see if a) I'm up at that hour, and b) my craving is so strong that I can't find something in my house. Stay tuned for the last remarks of this adventure. Carrie and I plan to cook dinner tonight as a last hurrah.

Vegan Week Food Diary Day 6
Vitamin water
Kettle Chips
Mike n' Ikes (the chips and candy were a gas station purchase, and my lunch)
Jelly sandwich
Grilled veggies with tofu and rice
Moroccan Vegetable Soup

By the way, gave us a shout on her blog today, take a look!

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